Margaret Burton




all classes are taught at Project 658, Charlotte, NC


intro to sewing

$40.00 | 2 HOURS

Our Sewing Machine Basics workshop covers threading and using the sewing machine; How to fill and load the bobbin; What stitch length and stitch width are why they matter; Sewing machine tension and why it’s important; How to sew your very first sewing project.

This is a perfect opportunity to familiarize or re-famaliarize yourself with your own sewing machine. Whether you haven't opened the box to your new machine or you need a refresher course on how to operate your old faithful... 
we can help! Please contact us if interested

Ages 12 & Up are welcome to take this class
Up to 6 students per session.
All materials included. 


beginner sewing

$90.00 | 2 classes | 2 hours

Tailored for the adult beginning stitcher. Students will make useful projects that focus on learning key sewing skills PLUS basic sewing pattern reading, basic fashion design techniques, and project customization based on student aesthetic and fit.  After completing this course, you will be able to utilize these skills proficiently on your own. 

Projects to choose from: Elastic pants + shorts or T-shirt. You can also email about requests.

Up to 6 students per session.

All materials included. 


basic tailoring

$40.00 | 1 class | 2 hours

Students must have taken a previous intro to sewing class. This is a corse for those seeking to have the skill set to hem their own pants, sleeves or alter fit. This crash corse will help your closet look tailored to you!

Students will bring in items of clothing they want hemmed or fitted. We will work on their individual needs.

Up to 6 students per session.

All materials included. 

sewing international

We partner with non profits anywhere in the world to help equip people with tailoring skills. This allows students the ability to gain financial independence. We also create a design and pattern for them to follow, in hopes that they can sell.

Please email us if interested in having us come and serve.